In 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the term 'Internet of Things' (IoT).

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11 Oct 2021


Gitlab CI/CD is a DevOps tool integrated into Gitlab to be able to make continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

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Continuous desployment is one of the tools provided by DevOps where, as the developers, we want to control the deployment process of the APP that we are deploying.

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07 Apr 2021

Divergent thinking

What is divergent thinking ?

J.P. Guilford, in the 1960s, defined divergent thinking as a method or thought process that the brain uses to generate creative ideas by exploring all possible solutions of how to face each circumstance or problem.

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Lately, the pace at which technologies are evolving is frenetic. Just 10 years ago, the first SmartPhones started coming out. Surely you all remember that famous Iphone 3G that revolutionized the world, and brought about a radical change in the mobile phone industry.

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Can you imagine a computer doing extraordinarily complex calculations, the kind that even just thinking about it already causes vertigo, while you calmly sip a cup of coffee? Well, maybe you don't have to imagine it that much.

A group of Chinese research centers, led by Jian-Wei Pan and Chao-Yang Lu, has created a quantum system called Jiuzhang which has been capable of solving extremely complicated calculations in 200 seconds.

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The inLab FIB is currently collaborating on a project called Intelibus, in conjunction with mobility company Autocorb and ICT software development company Geoactio, to develop a system for predicting passenger occupancy on buses.

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Authors that are external to the inLab FIB: Sara García Ariascriminologist and specialist in gender and equality

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29 Sep 2020


One of the most common practices in Software Engineering, when the mastery of the problem is complex, is the construction of a conceptual model. A conceptual model is the representation of the concepts and associations, typical of the real world, that we want to register through our software.

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28 Jul 2020

Project Origine

The Association of University Students for Cooperation (AUCOOP) is an association formed by members of the community of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and of the UPC Alumni community.

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30 Jun 2020

What is new in PHP 8?

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a very popular programming language used especially in web development.

The release of version 8 of PHP is scheduled for December 3, 2020 and some of the main innovations that it will incorporate are already known.

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Dart is an open source language developed in Google with the aim of allowing developers to use an object-oriented language with static type analysis.

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Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS that allows you to install additional extensions to improve your workflow.

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