IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs? - IoTSWC side event

IoT: New Business paradigm for SMEs? - IoTSWC side event

IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?”, is the IoT Solutions World Congress side event organized by inLab FIB and the BIG IoT project. Which focused on new business paradigms based on IoT implementation in industry, services and daily life of citizens.

The goal of the event, divided in three sessions, was to cover insights in IoT, Big Data Analytics and Cyber Security, both from EU and local perspective.

Topics covered ranged from the opportunities for SMEs offered by the H2020 BIG IoT project and the Barcelona Pilot, to the added value IoT represents to the whole cycle of industrial business models. Also mentioning Cyber Security in terms of awareness, vulnerabilities and solutions.

The event's agenda consisted of three sessions, you can consult the presentations here.

First session: 9:00 - 11:00

09:00 Welcome and introduction by inLab FIB UPC (Prof. Josep Casanovas, inLab FIB UPC)

09:10 The H2020 BIG IoT project and the Barcelona Pilot (Mrs. Jelena Mitic, Siemens, Project Leader; Mr. Jordi Ortuño, Barcelona City Council; Mr. Jordi Caus, SEAT)

09:45 BIG IoT API and Marketplace (Prof. Ernest Teniente, inLab FIB UPC, and Prof. Juan Hernández, ISG UPC)

10:30 Join BIG IoT: The Open call! (Mrs. Eleonora Panto, CSP)

11:00 - 11:30 Networking breakfast (offered by the H2020 BIG IoT Project)

Second session: 11:30 - 12:15

Modelling and Simulation for Industry 4.0 - round table on opportunities and challenges in the new era of IoT
Moderator:  Mrs.  Iwona Maryla Maciejewska, inLab FIB UPC.
Participants: Mr. Benito Cerrillo (Vicedean of  New Industrialization in Informatics Engineering Professional Association of Catalonia), Prof. Ernest Teniente and Prof. Josep Casanovas, inLab FIB UPC.

Third session: 12:15 - 13:00

Cyber Security - awareness, vulnerabilities and solutions (Prof. Manel Medina and Mrs. Iwona Maryla Maciejewska, inLab FIB UPC)

Presentations from the event:


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