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On October 3rd and 4th the DigiEduHack took place in the Campus Nord of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, organized by the inLab FIB. It is the first year that DigiEduHack was celebrated in Barcelona and,at the same time,it was being celebrated in different countries around the world, each one with its specific challenge.

In the headquarters of Barcelona the main challenge was to face one of the most important problems for a long time and that we consider of great interest: "Encourage women present in the IT world" proposed by InnoEnergy, the challenge was to develop a solution to promote technical and technological studies among women, especially in computer science. Currently, only a small percentage of enrollments are of girls. It is usual to see cases where they are studying those careers because they have a family member or friend in the sector. It is important to note that the IT sector is the fastest growing sector in our country and in which many quality jobs are generated. With the low percentage of women who decide to do these studies, they are left out of this entire job market and opportunities.

The other challenge proposed in the DigiEduHack was: "How can we figure our studies success?" proposed by Skylab (one of the sponsors) was to make a design that allows students to explore how the studies they want to do will help them achieve their goals based on the success of other people.

The group of participants "J4rv1s" of the inLab FIB formed by Marta Gil, Karol Djanashvili, Mario Albo, Victor Divi, Gonzalo Recio and Quim Lázaro won the prize of the challenge proposed by Skylab. They proposed a decision support system made for students.



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