inLabers winners at the Citython Hack

On November 6, 10 and 11, the Citython Hack took place in Barcelona within the framework of the Smart City Week, an initiative of the Barcelona City Council to experiment and see the relationship between people and technology. The objective of the hack was to gather people from different fields to solve gentrification problems in the historic center of Barcelona. Professionals Both from the field of urban planning and sociology, they could ASSOCIATE with Computer Science and Data Science Experts to organize Collaboration, Creation and Hacking sessions.

The event was organized by CARNET - the Future Mobility Research Hub research and innovation hub, promoted by SEATUPC and Volkswagen Group Research - and also among the sponsors are CARNET, inLab FIB, Barcelona City Council and CITUPC. The hack had three prizes for the three teams with the highest score among the rest, each of the prizes was 1500 euros. In addition, the winners could present about projects at the Barcelona City Council during the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Master students and doctoral students from different universities participated. One of the winning groups of the Citython hack was a fear training team inLabers called FriendEye fear training  Marta GilVictor Divi and Francesc de Paula Puig. They made an object detection application to improve the safety of blind people When they walk through the city, using Deep Learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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