inLab at Smart City Expo 2017

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Barcelona had yesterday, November 14th, the opening of the Smart City Expo World Congress, which until November 16th, exhibit projects, knowledge, ideas and visions related to smart cities.

This year, under the motto "Empower Cities, Empower People", Smart City Expo World Congress intends to increase the presence of public and private organizations, exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, to keep generating synergies, sharing knowledge, provoking discussion, promoting out of the box thinking and inspiring a call for actions. More than 17.000 professional visitors are expected, with over 600 exhibitors, along with high level representatives from more than 650 cities and over 400 experts and thought leaders, among which we find the active presence of inLab FIB.


  • Presentation of Mari Paz Linares about "Dynamic passenger ride sharing mobility service". This presentation analyzes and evaluates both aspects through a microscopic traffic simulation that emulates real-time traffic conditions and a real traffic information system that interacts with decision support. The simulation framework has been implemented in a model of the Central Business District of Barcelona.
    Wednesday, 15th at 4:00 PM at Mobility Hub (Gran Via Hall 2)


  • Session "Disruptive Mindsets Transforming Cities" which moderates Rosa Maria Martin. The future is now. Artificial intelligence, as well as virtual reality, blockchain robotics and technology are already changing the way of transportation, security or even education and healthcare in cities around the world. How can urban leaders integrate them by ensuring that citizens do not lose control of their data?
    Wednesday, 15th at 3.15 PM in Conference Room 5 (Gran Via, Hall 2, Congress Area)


  • CARNET (C 375), it shows the Barcelona Virtual Mobility Lab, in which inLab FIB has been working.
  • UPC/CIT  (F607),  where  UPC brand technology is released.
Smart City Expo 2017

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