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This year at the UPC BarcelonaTech’s Mobile World Congress stand, inLab FIB will be introducing the latest applications developed over the last year: sportALERT and uTalk.

The first app, sportALERT, has been designed to monitor the movement of athletes through their location.  sportALERT is an example of using TrackingALERT, the software library developed to detect incidents or abnormal movements.

Currently inLab FIB is working and testing this service with a leading company in the field of mobile application development-oriented winter sports as well as the open sea swimming club Radikal Swim.

The second application is a kind of " WhatsApp" focused on corporative communications. It has been developed in collaboration with UPCnet. uTalk is a multi-device messaging tool with social thread that has been specifically designed for companies and organizations who need a tool for communicating between its employees and also want to ensure its privacy.

InLab FIB will be also participating in the MWC2014 Brokerage Event showing and explaining technological and research capabilities to the participating companies and institutions.


The application is designed for people who practice sports, especially those that do it alone so that it can inform the family and/or friends in case anything happens.

sportALERT monitors the movement of the athlete by its location . If the athlete does not move when it supposed to do, sportALERT triggers an alarm. The alarm is fully customizable, allowing the user to define time and distance parameters that will set the alarm. Thus sportALERT can be used to practice different sports and paces.

For example, a skier can define the activation of the alarm in case that in a certain time he has not advanced the specified distance. On the other hand, elderly people, would set a much shorter distance for the same period of time.

The application also allows the user to define different contacts which will receive the alert with the user location so they know where he is and can help if necessary.

Furthermore, sportALERT has a quick access button with protection against accidental activations, to call an emergency number, to ask for help as quickly as possible.

TrackingALERT library

The library is designed to monitor the movement of athletes through their geolocation, and detect unplanned stoppages, in that case; the library sends a notification to the app.

TrackingALERT library is ready to be integrated into contextual applications for the sport. It is available for software development companies so that they can integrate their applications.

The library allows you to configure :

  • consecutive alarms to be fired before sending the SMS.
  • In case of an alarm going off:
  • if the SMS message is sent or not.
  • whether to play a sound and specify which sound.
  • if the phone vibrates when the alarm is triggered or not.
  • the duration of the alarm.

TrackingALERT library is based on inLab’s previous sports tracking applications experience and the advice and knowledge of professor Jaume Figueras, inLab ‘s GIS Project Manager and OpenStreetMap local representative in Catalonia.


Today, more and more people use the smartphone for all kinds of daily tasks. While before it was common to use SMS or calls, currently increasingly being imposed social networks and instant messaging services as a means of communication.

In most of these social networks and instant messaging applications additional personal information is required to sign up, sometimes with the name and surname is enough, other times, more information such as our phone number or any other sensitive information is also required, information that we might want to restrict it only to a personal level and avoid it comes out of this area.

For these reasons uTalk created a corporate messaging tool multi-device platform with social thread specially designed for companies that need a tool to communicate with your employees while ensuring your privacy. Currently UPCNet is already offering it in their catalog as UPCnet uTalk .

UTalk UPCnet offers activity streams (Social Threads) designed especially for corporate enterprises and instant messaging service where users can keep private or group conversations using only the credentials of the company or organization where they belong to without having to give additional information. The areas of application are diverse: from education (to promote safe interaction within the school or classroom), insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and all who can benefit from safe instant messaging.

More information (including slideshare presentation and video demonstration):

Technical description - blog article :

uTalk: Corporate Social Networking

The application can be found in Android and iOS markets:


MWC2014 Brokerage Event presentation introducing  research and technological capabilities to the participating companies and institutions:


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