inLab FIB brings "H2020 BIG IoT" to MWC

Submitted by Albert Ripol on Mon, 27/02/2017 - 11:56

inLab FIB participates at the Brokerage Event organized by ACCIÓ at MWC.

This year we are present to offer our experience in issues related to cybersecurity and also to contact entities interested in participating in the "Open Call" organized by the European project "H2020 BIG IoT" in which we participate. We will also give a guided tour for students of the Talent Program to 4YFN.

BIG IoT Project Open Calls and Cooperation opportunities

The H2020 BIG IoT project represents a great opportunity to understand the possibilities of exploitation of IoT. The overall goal of the BIG IoT project is to ignite vibrant Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems, by bridging the current interoperability gap between the vertically-oriented IoT platforms and creating marketplaces for IoT service and application providers as well as platform operators. The developed technologies will be concurrently demonstrated in three regional pilots (one of them in Barcelona). Under the common themes of smart mobility, smart environment and smart road infrastructure, various use cases within the pilots will validate the developed technologies.

Two Europe-wide Open Calls will be conducted as part of the project to engage SMEs in the implementation of services, applications, and platforms conforming with the BIG IoT approach. A total budget of 750000 euros will be distributed between the selected participants.

The first open call will be published in the next April 2017 and will close two months later. It will target IoT platforms/service providers willing to provide new data to the project through the BIG IoT API and Marketplace.

Second open call will be published in January 2018, targeting also IoT Applications providers.

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