inLab FIB and Barcelona Sportech HUB23 sign a Memorandum of understanding

Submitted by Karol Djanashvili on Mon, 23/12/2019 - 10:48

On Monday, December 16, 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the director of the inLab FIB UPC, Mr. Josep Casanovas and the Vice President of Barcelona SPORTECH HUB23 Mr. Xavier Serret, with the support of the dean of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona Mr.José Fernández Ruzafa, in order to collaborate in the achievement of a decentralized and international sportstech ecosystem, where Barcelona will have the main headquarters.

HUB23 representes more than one hundred startups and companies from Barcelona that work with technologies applied to the field of Sports & Fitness that have begun to cooperate to build this hub in the world for the development of eSport technologies.

These entities are working, together with the support of the local administration, to achieve great global visibility, while creating a set of first-class common services to boost their full potential and attract more investments and talent from around the world.

Nowadays Barcelona already has one of the highest concentrations of sports companies in Europe, at the same time it is known for its very dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, which covers all domains of computer innovation. The least known is that it is also the third largest city in Europe because of the number of startups and companies that work in the SportsTech field.

HUB23 will underpin a completely revitalized ecosystem that will put Barcelona in front of the world's leading cities in the SportsTech sector (technologies applied to the field of Sport) and for this it will have the support of inLab FIB UPC researchers.


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