Areas of expertise

Integration of data engineering and analysis in Data Science and Big Data services: Big Data architectures for information exploitation, custom Data Lakes, specialized NOSQL repositories, machine learning models, construction of real-time analytics, software and environments for model development...

Management of new concepts of mobility, advanced processing of traffic and mobility data, management of vehicle fleets using real-time routing algorithms, micro, meso and macroscopic traffic simulation, air quality prediction, analysis and improvement of intermodal and transport processes.

Data representation, information modeling and processing, requirements engineering, technology representation, information systems, web technologies, Software as a Service, Internet of Things, innovation and research projects in knowledge management…

Computer security (audits, forensic analysis, network monitoring), development of malware detection and electronic fraud systems, application security, training and awareness on cybersecurity.

Viability studies and / or improvements to systems and processes through the use of modeling, simulation and optimization techniques applied to transport, manufacturing, logistics, industrial processes or emergency systems. Social simulation applied to demography, epidemiology, population dynamics, health or environmental systems. Modeling and simulation of energy efficiency in buildings and transport. Geographic information systems.

Learning Analytics, development of integrated ICT tools and services in virtual learning environments to improve teaching and laboratories, development of support environments for academic management and human resources.

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