Areas of expertise

Viability studies and/or system improvements using modelling, simulation and optimisation techniques applied to transport, manufacturing, logistics, industrial processes or emergency systems. Social simulation applied to demography, epidemiology, population dynamics, health or environmental systems. Modelling and simulation of energetic efficiency in buildings and transport.

Intelligent mobility. Public transport systems, traffic management, dynamic routing apps, advanced treatment of traffic and mobility data, real time traffic prediction models, new mobility concepts (ridesharing, demand responsive transport, connected vehicle), macro, meso and micro traffic simulation.

Smart data, methods and statistical techniques for analysing and processing data and their interoperability: data mining, advanced statistical analysis, measurement of intangibles, Open Data, integration, fusion and processing of large volumes of data, dashboards, Big Data architectures, data warehouse...

Information security (audits, forensic analysis, monitoring of networks), development of systems for detecting malware and electronic fraud, app security, cybersecurity training and sensitization.

Geoservice oriented mobile apps based on OpenStreetMap. Wearable and IoT integration. Android and iOS app development. Mobile Apps Learning Lab.

Learning Analytics, smart learning environments, information systems for university management, computer labs, systems for measuring and monitoring learning in order to track and improve academic results.

Semantic ontologies, Semantic Data, Integration Interoperability and system integration, Services engineering and business processes, Requirements engineering, Modeling and information processing, Web information systems and technologies, Big data and cloud software, Internet of Things, Agile development...

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